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Advising Professionals

Trusted Experience. Exceptional Results.

A divorce, custody battle or any other family law case can have reverberations far beyond your attorney’s office or the courtroom. These issues require the knowledge and expertise of dedicated, outside professionals. During his career, Ben Moore has developed relationships with an array of experts that assist him in his cases, enabling him to apply thoughtful, holistic solutions to his clients’ matters.

Wayne M. Greenwald, Esq.


Wayne M. Greenwald has been concentrating in debtor-creditor law for more than 30 years. He frequently lectures on the intersection between divorce and bankruptcy and advises the Firm in regards to settlement language, bankruptcy defense and creative application of the Internal Revenue Code to complex financial matters.

Felix Gitelman, Esq.


Felix Gitelman counsels the Firm in cases involving real estate and landlord-tenant concerns. Every divorce results in at least one change of residence - and Felix's deep knowledge of New York statutory and case law assists the Firm's clients in protecting their property rights.

Peter Scoolidge, Esq.


Peter Scoolidge advises the Firm in complex financial litigation. An expert in intellectual property and cryptocurrency, Peter's expertise is particularly valuable in cases involving large estates, art and business interests in dispute.

Karin Dauch


Karin Dauch is one of the most sought after real estate agents in Manhattan and assists the Firm's clients during and after separation and divorce. Fluent in five languages, Karin moved to Manhattan in 1998 from Brazil and worked as a journalist for more than a decade before realizing her passion for helping New Yorkers maximize their "where" in order to bring balance and happiness to their lives.