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In divorces involving substantial wealth, complex estates and highly sensitive personal matters, the choice of a matrimonial attorney is critical. During his career, Ben Moore has practiced within the most challenging areas of divorce law, so he is able to identify the most significant issues in a case – and to communicate those issues in a way the client understands. In every case, Ben’s primary focus is the individuality of the client and what will best further his or her goals. Ben values discretion and understands how and when to avoid publicity, which is particularly important when high profile individuals are involved.

Ben understands that divorce is a confusing and emotional process for clients and their families and that clients need an ally and a fighter during this critical time. He prides himself on the trust he is granted by his clients and considers it his privilege to represent them in their divorce matters. Ben also understands the importance of communication and his boutique practice allows him to be readily available to his clients during their times of need.

Child Custody & Parental Access

Determination of custody and parental access (visitation) with minor children is often complicated and fraught with emotion for parents. Ben is highly experienced in negotiating custody settlements and in working with custody mediators, evaluators, and mental health professionals to achieve the right custody plan for every client’s family. Ben works to resolve custody disputes by crafting agreements that are tailored to the needs of each unique family.

Not every custody dispute can be resolved by agreement. Sometimes, the only solution is to have a judge resolve custody and visitation disputes. When it is necessary to turn to the courts, Ben has the skill and experience to make sure that clients are well prepared and well represented. Ben regularly works with evaluators and mental health professionals to ensure that his clients’ cases are presented in a way that maximizes the likelihood of favorable results.

Child Support & Paternity

The determination of child support can be highly technical. It also can require solid preparation and accounting work. This is particularly true when at least one parent has extraordinarily high income. In high-income cases, it is important to be able to demonstrate exactly how much income and assets are available for child support. Equally important is the ability to demonstrate the reasonable needs of the children, consistent with their parents’ station in life. These issues often are hard-fought, and Ben Moore knows how to handle them and succeed for his clients. Ben assists clients by creating viable solutions now and into the future. If needed, Ben will also work with estate planning professionals to craft trusts or funds to protect his clients’ children into the future.

Over time, circumstances may change. Income may go up or down. The amount of time spent with each parent may be different, or the children’s needs may increase. When there is a substantial change in circumstances, a modification of child support may be warranted. In such cases, Ben is prepared to represent his clients whether they are seeking or resisting a modification of child support.

Domestic Violence & Orders of Protection

Protecting his clients and their families is Ben’s number one priority, and Ben regularly helps his clients obtain Orders of Protection in New York’s Supreme, Family and Criminal courts.

Because of his background and experience, Ben is recognized in the family and matrimonial legal community as an expert in domestic violence matters and is frequently called upon by other attorneys to consult in domestic violence cases.

ACS Investigations
(Child Abuse & Neglect)

Finding yourself involved in a child abuse or neglect case, whether you have been accused of abusing your child, or suspect that your child has been abused, can be one of the most frightening and emotional times in a parent’s life. The legal process involved in these matters is very confusing and intimidating. Ben's knowledge of family and criminal law - and his background as a prosecutor - helps him achieve the best results for his clients in these most trying of times.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

In New York, couples may enter into contracts — before marriage with a prenuptial agreement or after marriage with a postnuptial agreement — to contemplate and address the disposition of property upon divorce or death. Ben has extensive experience negotiating and crafting agreements that protect a client’s rights when the unexpected occurs, with a minimum of stress and an emphasis on thoroughness and clarity.

Post-Judgment Counsel & Modification of Prior Orders

Many court orders are modifiable. For example, child support, child custody, and spousal support orders are all subject to modification if certain conditions have been met. Those conditions depend on the facts and circumstance of the particular case and family.

Ben routinely handles cases where, for one reason or another, circumstances have changed - and so must the prior court order. Conversely, Ben can defend against unfounded allegations of changes in circumstances by an opposing party.


A party may wish to appeal his or her case for one of many reasons. A trial judge may have made a critical error during the court proceedings, or the party may be dissatisfied with the final ruling. Regardless of the reason, a litigant has the option to consult an appeals lawyer and pursue an additional review of their case. Conversely, the “winning” party may need to defend the lower court’s ruling before an appellate court.

Ben has extensive experience in appellate maters and can offer support and authoritative perspective in each case he takes on.

Concierge Representation

On a very limited number of cases, Ben will serve as a concierge attorney (personal in-house counsel) for high net worth individuals on a flat-rate basis. Contact us for more information.